Life's journey presents many challenges. These challenges may overwhelm your ability to cope and leave you confused and distressed. Therapy is inviting soneone to share your journey. As a skilled, seasoned professional, I will walk with you, offering the necessay support to make this time fruitful rather then a time to just get through.

I will provide a safe, comfortable place, rich with possibility and free from interruption. This will be your time to focus on your experience of life. You will receive kindness, respect and genuine caring.

After two decades of practice, my approach is client-directed, with compassionate inquiry and creative exploration, using collaborative problem-solving.

Life's journey changes you without a doubt. A healthy encounter with life's challenges can leave you more open and accepting, with deeper insight and a greater capacity for joy and contentment. My goal is to support you and your innate ability to move in this direction.

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